Budai, Balázs Benjamin

Budai, Balázs Benjamin PhD. (1979) Public Administration Manager, Computer Science Engineer, Jurist, Director of Institute, habilitated associate professor. He has been teaching courses full-time at the National University of Public Service, at the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration’s Institute of State Governance and Public Policy, as well as at the Centre for Management Training in Budapest, Hungary.

Since 2006 he has been a lecturer at the Information-Communication Jurist training of University of Pécs, Faculty of Law.

In 2010 he was chosen as “Lecturer of the Year” at Corvinus University.

Besides education, he has been a research leader at the Office for Coordination of Municipal Affairs at the Ministry of Interior since 2016.

He has published several books (college textbooks and specialized textbooks), excerpts, and several publications in both English and Hungarian. He has given presentations at prestigious conferences and workshops.