Pálné, Kovács Ilona

Pálné, Kovács Ilona (PhD, DSc) is research professor at the Institute for Regional Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, professor at the Department of Political Science at University of Pécs, research professor at the Local Governments’ Research Centre at the National University of Public Service, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2013. She is doctoral program leader of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at University of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

She has published hundreds of publications in Hungarian and in other languages. She is a regular key speaker at both national and international conferences, and she has been honoured with several awards by the scientific community for her academic works (Academic Award, Deák Ferenc award, Kolnay Aurél award, Pro Régió, Bibó award).

Her research and teaching fields are local/regional governance, and the institutional system of development policy.