Prof. Dr. Tózsa István

Prof. Dr. Tózsa, István has completed primary and secondary education in Miskolc and Sárospatak. He has received a teacher’s degree in geography – English grammar and literature in Szeged., then carried out pioneering research in agro-ecological environmental management, digital processing of satellite images, and the implementation of geographical information systems in Hungary between 1980-90,  in Budapest, at the Geographical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. From 2000 he has lead the Department for Public Management and Urban Studies at the Public Administration School and at Corvinus University of Budapest for 13 years and from 2010 the Department of Geography for 5 years.  Since 2016 he has been a professor and the head of the Institute of Public Management and Administration at the National University of Public Service.

Awards: Awards and prizes by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund for his works in Environmental Studies, National Conference of Scientific Students Associations award and Apáczai Csere János award for his works in pedagogy; Hungarian Order of Merit’s Officer’s Cross for his research and organisational works regarding school establishment in relation with electronic public administration. His current fields of lecture: city marketing, protection of national treasures, settlement planning with GIS, e-public administration.