takács, lászló tibor

László Takács – advisor in the Cabinet of Secretary of State for Energy Affairs and Climate Policy, Ministry for Innovation and Technology

I graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest in 2005 as an economist. From 2011 to 2013 I attended the post-graduate specialist training program organized by Szent István University and I have become an expert in energy management with the main orientation of renewable energy resources.

Then I worked for the Ministry of National Development as renewable energy advisor, afterwards for the Ministry for National Economy as energy efficiency counselor dealing with strategic planning and development of incentive schemes as well as elaboration of the indicators of renewable energy and energy efficiency regarding the EU Operational Programmes.

After a few years, working in the private energy sector, I returned to the public sector again and it is a great honor for me that I can assist the Secretary of State for Energy Affairs and Climate Policy with my professional experience as an advisor.

Being member of the Professional Advisory Board of this international conference is an interesting challenge for me, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to take part in this useful work.