The Aim of the Conference


The Mission and Objective of the Conference

The project entitled “The Monitoring of Municipal Developments II” (hereafter referred to as ÖFFK II.) is implemented by the Ministry of Interior in the framework of the Public Administration Development Operational Programme funded by the European Union. The ÖFFK II project aims to contribute to the emergence of an effective and service-oriented municipal attitude in Hungary by conducting applied research studies.

In order to achieve the goals of the ÖFFK II project, more than a hundred events have been held in connection with the three applied research projects between the autumn of 2015 and the end of 2018, which served several purposes; the involvement of the target group (local governments) at the beginning of the project, the gathering of information required for the research, and now, after the completion of the research, the dissemination of results. Knowledge sharing is crucial to development; knowledge can be generated via well-conducted research as well as the good practices we acquire and apply each day.

In the framework of the project an international conference entitled “Perspectives of Local Governments in Central-Eastern Europe – Common Learning and Innovations” was held on 15-16 November, 2018. The main objective of the conference was to support and facilitate the work of local government professionals through appropriate and high-quality knowledge-sharing as well as to promote cooperation and knowledge transfer between academics and professionals with practical municipal experience. 

The second conference entitled “Perspectives of Local Governments in CEE – Practice and Innovations” is a continuation of the previous, theory-focussed international conference. This upcoming event will focus on the practice of local governments in order to support municipal professionals. Hungarian and international good municipal practices will be presented that promote development; the dissemination of these good practices also contributes to more efficient and service-oriented operation of municipalities. The target group of the conference includes municipalities and professionals working in the field of local government. The conference focuses on the Central- and Eastern European region and the Visegrad countries; these states are connected through their history, legislative systems, their way of thinking, and their present challenges. We believe that knowledge transfer is one of the most effective ways of learning; we still have a lot to share and to learn from each other.