The Aim of the Conference


The Mission and Objective of the Conference

The project titled „The Monitoring of Municipal Developments II.” (hereafter referred to as ÖFFK II.) is implemented by the Ministry of Interior in the framework of the Public Administration Development Operational Programme funded by the European Union. The ÖFFK II. project aims to contribute to the emergence of an effective and service-oriented local government attitude in Hungary by conducting applied research studies in the area of local government service provision.

In order to achieve the goals of the ÖFFK II. project, more than a hundred events have been held in connection with the three applied researches between the autumn of 2015 to the end of 2018, which served several purposes; the involvement of the target group (local governments) at the beginning of the project, the gathering of information required for the research, and the dissemination of results after the completion of the research. The key to development is knowledge sharing and the knowledge can be generated in well-conducted researches and the good practices we get to know and apply each day.

By organizing an international conference in the framework of the project, we would like to support and encourage the work of local government employees through appropriate and high-quality knowledge sharing. To this end, it is indispensable to involve science, getting the latest trends and incorporating them into our everyday lives. For this reason, the “Perspectives of Local Governments in CEE – Common Learning and Innovations” conference will convene researchers from the academic sphere who, through their professional activities, can support the above mentioned ambitions of the Ministry of Interior.

In our call we have defined different themes, which in their essence are related to the objectives of the ÖFFK II. project and to its previous research areas, but they are targeting a wider range of experts and audiences. We consider the public sector innovation to be of the utmost importance in the light of organizational development, furthermore, we also intend to focus on information sharing, which includes several aspects such as Big Data and the use of social media. We take a multi-sided approach to the issue of settlement management; so our goal is to develop a dialogue on public involvement. At the same time, the subject of sustainable local governments includes several themes that promote the discourse of effective and service-oriented local governments.

Scientific groundwork is the starting point of all innovative development, however, dialogue alone is not sufficient; the Ministry of Interior will also organize a second international conference in the framework of the project, where local government practitioners will be invited. We will gather good practices of municipalities both in Hungary and internationally, which will also contributes to the think-outside-the-box conception.